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Unternehmen Leistungen Unsere Staerke 3-Haende-Garantie Anfahrt
Logistics, warehousing and passion.

Elneco Lagerei GmbH complement each other perfectly in order to provide our customers with integrated, solution-oriented concepts.

Our services.

- Complete control of the goods received from overseas from unloading from ship to provision of containers, taking into the own bonded warehouse up to loading and creation of customs documents for the outgoing trucks

- Incoming and outgoing goods control

- Unloading and loading of containers and trucks

- Repackaging, labelling, atypical reloading (also cars)

- Creation of the transportation documents CMR, TIR Carnet, AE, T1

- Customized warehousing

- 10-years experience in disassembling of consumer electronics and household articles

And if we do not find one, we invent one!

One of the specialities of ELNECO is its orientation to finding solutions. Sometimes good advice is expensive and the funds are limited. In this case you need to use your imagination. Whether it concerns optimising space or process control, ELNECO likes to go its own way. Thus, we designed special pallets for one customer, which were exactly customized to the individual needs of the customer.

Many of our customers were already able to profit from our strength in innovation and creativity. What can we do for you?

Specialist in solutions.