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Unternehmen Leistungen Unsere Staerke 3-Haende-Garantie Anfahrt
The ELNECO 3 hands guarantee

1st hand: We will shake hands with our customers and assure them that we keep what we promise. This applies for sticking to deadlines, safety, goods protection and all promises, which the management makes. The Hanseatic way "Shake hands on it!"

2nd hand:
We give our customers a hand, when special services are needed, in an emergency, when things get difficult or simply if something has to be done quickly, but professionally still. Active friendliness to the customers, willingness to help and the understanding for the wishes and worries of our customers establish a relationship beyond a pure business one.

3rd hand:
Even if we have our hands full, we still have a third hand, which warns us not to be satisfied with being average. We want something special not out of reckoning, but out of principle. The special nature of the quality of our work, the special way of dealing with orders, customers and our own employee.